The Little Purple Bead Company LLC
Peruvian Opal, Rose Quartz and Malachite Set

Necklace   22  1/2"
Bracelet   7  1/2 "
Ear rings 2 "

Large faceted Peruvian Opal  stones with Rose Quartz bi cones and 2mm
Malachite rounds.   Sterling silver toggle clasp and ear wires.

Item  #64261S                                                                Price      $ 75.00
Orange and White Agate Set

Necklace    20" long
Pendant    1 3/4 "  X 2"
Ear Rings    1 1/2 "

Orange and white agate cabochon pendant, surrounded  by white
seed beads with orange accent.  Sterling silver ear wires and

Item #  64241  S                              Price    $40.00
Pink and Blue Flower Set

Necklace  22" long x 1/2" wide
Bracelet  8" long  x 1/2" wide
Earrings  1/2"  long x 1"  wide

Ear wire and toggle closure sterling silver.  Made with blue,        
pink, and green pressed glass.  

Item Number:  20405S                                Price  $ 65.00
Acid Washed Black Onyx & Gold Set

Necklace        29" long
Bracelet            8 "
Ear rings           2 "  long

Acid washed black onyx with gold  vermeil beads and closures.

Item #  64263S                                                                       Price   $90.00
Blue Calsite Set

Necklace 24""
Bracelet 8 1/2 "
Ear rings 2 1/2"

Double strand of blue calsite stones, lapis, blue coral and blue lace agate
beads, joined with blue seed beads.  Sterling silver toggle clasps, ear wires.

Item # 90115S                                                      Price  $90.00
Pineapple Quartz Set

Necklace     22"   long
Bracelet         8"  long
Ear ring         1    1/2  "  long

Big faceted Pineapple Quartz pendant suspended from variation of the
daisy chain using yellow 4mm fire polished  and blue seed beads. Gold
tone closure and ear wire.

Item   # 64266S                                                                     Price   $45.00

Necklace  28” long
Ear rings 2”  long
Bracelet  8” long

Polished sea shell pendant with stick pearls, moon stone, sun stone  rose
quartz . Sterling Silver ear wire, hook and eye and magnet closure.

Item #90045S                                                                             PRICE    $75.00
Bronze Goddess Set
Necklace  20' - 22'
Ear rings   2 3/4 " long

Great set pearls, MOP and sunstone  with gold vermeil ear

item #  7110502                        Price 180.00
Dark Purple Coral Set

Necklace   20"-22'  long
Ear rings    2 "  long

Dark purple lite and breeze set.

item # 70110504                     Price  75.00
Turquoise and Rhodonite Set

Necklace 24"
Pendant 3"
Ear Rings 2 1/2 ''

Turquoise pebbles with rhodonite cabochons.  Sterling silver toggle clasp with
stainless steel ear studs.

Item #90075S                               Price $150.00

NECKLACE     17"- 19 "
EAR RINGS      2"
Pendant           3" - 2 1/2 "

Very nice Prudent Man Agate set.  Necklace made with seed beads and
aquamarine chips.

Price 400.00

NECKLACE 16'- 20"

Rutilated quartz pendant and three stones on each side with facecited
black onyx beads.  Lots of gold strings in pendand and stones

Price    360.00
Lampwork Fish Set

Necklace    20" long
Bracelet      7 1/2'  long

Fun set of cute little lampwork fish bead on wavy necklace
with matching bracelet and ear rings, All sterling silver

Ptice    100.00